My ‘real’ First bisexual Experience

A few years after I technically had my first bisexual experience, in my own mind, I had my ‘real’ first bisexual experience.  What am I talking about?  Well, the first time when I was younger was more or less the choice of the older boy.  I let him suck and fuck me, but I really wasn’t an active participant, and to be honest, inside my own mind, I wasn’t really wanting it to happen or enjoying it at all.  I basically let him take advantage of me.  Fast forward a few years… I was now an older teen, although not legal for a couple more years…  I was walking home from the part-time job I had, I was a ‘pump jockey’ at the local Texaco gas station.  As I was walking, I came across a middle aged man and started having a conversation.

He said his name was Lin, not Len… Lin.  A strange name I thought, but nothing further than that.  It turned out that we lived in the same very large mobile home park in Margate, Florida so we continued walking together.  It was pretty late – after midnight so there wasn’t anyone out and about.  My father and I didn’t get along so I thought nothing of passing my street as we talked and continued along with him.  Unlike the teen I had my first experience with, Lin had no trouble at all letting me know that he was gay and very much enjoyed sucking cocks as he kept looking over at mine.  Unlike my experiences a few years earlier, this one I actually wanted to try… but was a bit shy going about it.  I let him know that I had had dreams where I was with a guy and we were licking each others cocks and that sometimes I thought of guys when I masturbated (not really the truth, but I wanted him to get the idea that I was interested without me saying I was… lol)  He asked me if I would come sit on the bench in his yard and I was happy that he asked.

We sat and chatted for awhile and it wasn’t long before he reached over and rubbed my crotch over my pants.  Almost immediately I could feel myself getting hard and so could he.  He opened my pants and slipped his hand inside and actually complimented me on my size.  (I’m a healthy 7″ now, was probably close to the same then).  When I reached inside his shorts, I found that he was considerably shorter and smaller in width than me.  I would come to appreciate that in the cumming days.  icon wink My real First bisexual Experience

We went inside his mobile home and he asked me if I wanted to take a shower.  I hesitated at first and he saw I was nervous and let me know that he wouldn’t be coming in an doing anything with me, he just wanted me to feel more comfortable and that a shower might help.  I took the shower and as I was toweling, he came into the bathroom and was naked.  His little prick was stiff as he watched me dry off.

When I was done toweling, he motioned me into his bedroom and put on some reel to reel gay porn.  I was watching guys sucking and fucking each other as he first used his fingers and then his tongue on my cock.  This time it was something I really wanted to do and I was very much enjoying the attention he applying to me.  That night he just sucked my cock although he might have played with my ass a little with his fingers, probably not probing inside quite yet, just rubbing around outside.  This time I did cum and he swallowed my load and continued to softly suck until I softened.  Needless to say it was quite a mind blowing experience!  I got dressed and went home not long afterwards.

Lin and I got together probably 25-30 times over the next few months.  He was very good at sucking cock and I even tried sucking him a few times although I was pretty shy and tentative with it.  He came in my mouth just once and I swallowed… most of the time he jerked himself to completion over my stomach… He was more about pleasing me.  He did fuck my ass many times, but he was small enough and knew what he was doing, so it never hurt like it did previously.  Most of the time he would have me on my back and raise my legs up over his shoulders and slide his cock gently into my tight ass.  To this day, this is my favorite position for receiving anal sex.  He offered for me to fuck his ass, but I declined – I just wasn’t ready for that yet and he showed no disappointment, just understanding.

Looking back, was Lin honestly a Perv?  Yea… by definition he was.  But at the same time, I have to say that I wanted it as much as he did.  He never took advantage of me in any way and never forced me to do anything that I didn’t want to do.  He was technically the 2nd man that I had sex with but to me, he was my first ‘real’ bisexual experience because it was the first one I really wanted to happen.  I enjoyed him sucking my cock, so much so that for years afterwards, when I masturbated, I would often think of him sucking me while he fingered my ass, making me cum time after time.  I would think of the time that in the middle of the day, we went into his shed while we were doing yard work, he closed the door, knelt in front of me and pulled down my shorts… and sucked me with such expertise – that he would get me close to cumming and then slow down, teasing me over and over… and then would slide his finger into my ass as he would hungrily finish me off, swallowing every drop.  Then he wiped his hands off, we went outside and continued working on the yard.  Later that day, we would shower together and he sucked and gently fucked me.

Although I would never trade licking and fucking pussies and my Beth’s in particular, I have to admit, that the time I spent with Lin was a pretty special time in my life.  I hope that he had a good life beyond the time that I knew him.  I know that he certainly gave me a good primer for what would become my bisexual lifestyle.

- Bi-Bill

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1 Comment

  1. David
    Dec 2, 2010

    I love that story! I had almost the same experience,with an older guy where I grew up. He loved to suck cock! and it wasn’t long before I offered him my ass to fuck! Like you I love my wife’s pussy,but I think about him fucking me and cumming in my mouth.

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